A very real celebration of East Van and it’s food and drink.

The geographical center of Greater Vancouver, East Van is also the heart of BC's cultural diversity, the crossroads of Vancouver’s artistic aesthetic and one of the city's great inclusive meeting places. It’s a diverse community living together within a dynamic urban landscape.

One of the great indicators of a rich and dynamic cultural and artistic community is the food it serves, so documenting its food is at the heart of documenting the community. The East Van Foodie is a snapshot of a place in time and of the food it eats.


East Van occupies the fringe zone between downtown and the suburbs. It’s a crossroads. It's a lived-in, mixed-use, gentrifying, cultural nexus, and a canvas on which the next generation asserts itself. It is a neighbourhood and the geographical focal point of a greater discussion.

The restaurants, bars, cafes, breweries and foodie businesses that nourish East Van influence the whole city, province and country. The East Van Foodie tells their stories in words, photos and recipes.

Featuring 47 restaurants, over 100 recipes and 1000 photos.

The East Van Foodie
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