The neighborhood where Vancouver first set its roots is now home to some of its most celebrated restaurants and foodie businesses.

Given its very name is derived from social interaction and one of Vancouver's most famous historical characters, Gassy Jack, Gastown’s renaissance in the past couple of decades is like coming full circle. To ‘gas’ meant to chat and socialize in 1800’s parlance and Gassy Jack was the affable proprietor of Vancouver's first saloon.

Today Gastown is probably the first neighborhood people around the world will name when asked about Vancouver. And rightly so, its blend of historical charm and the buzz of a thriving modern inner urban focal point is exciting, inspiring and unique. This comes through in its food too. In


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fact, it could be argued that Gastown’s foodie businesses were the instigators of the neighborhood's reemergence as a cultural hot bed.

The Gastown Foodie is a snapshot of the foodie culture of Gastown in stories, recipes and images. It’s a guide to great places to eat and drink in Gastown but also offers the back-stories and inspiration behinds its foodie businesses.

By buying this book you indirectly help support some important front line community groups, with a percentage of proceeds being donated to their vital work. East Van Roasters, Hives For Humanity and The Better Life Foundation provide meaningful support, social connection and opportunities for training related to food for people in need.


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