Available for purchase from all the restaurants, bars and cafes featured in each book.

For a full list of participating venues for each book... North Shore FoodieEast Van Foodie, Gastown Foodie, Plant-based Foodie.

Also available at these bricks and mortars ...

32 Books, Edgemont   ➤  Coles Bental Center, Downtown  ➤  Coles Books, Langford (Island)  ➤  Coles Lougheed Town Center  ➤  Cook Culture, Lonsdale Ave  ➤  Cook Culture, Howe St  ➤  Cook Culture, West Broadway  ➤  End of The Line, Lynn Valley  ➤  Everything Wine, North Van  ➤ Fairmont Pacific Rim, Coal Harbour  ➤  Indigo, West Broadway  ➤  Indigo, Marine Dr. Nth Van  ➤  Indigo Park Royal, West Van  ➤  Indigo Spirit, Downtown  ➤  LaLa's Commercial Dr  ➤  LaLa's Deep Cove  ➤  Mo's General Store, North Van  ➤  Second Nature Home Boutique  ➤  SFU Bookstores  ➤  Tailwind Books, Sunshine Coast  ➤  Vancouver Special, Mount Pleasant  ➤  Welk's General Store, Main St

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